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Towson Based Email

Now you can have your own Towson email address!
Tired of weird names? Don’t want to change your email address when you change your ISP?
Want an email address you can call home? can offer you a Towson email address at our associate URLs

Choose a single username

or a sub domain for use by your family

Choose from 3 plans:

Single Username
$15 a year
(+ $5 set up fee 1st yr)

Family Plan (up to 5 usernames)
$30 a year
(+ $5 set up fee 1st yr)

Family Name Program
$50 a year
(+ $10 set up fee 1st yr)
includes Web Page Space and up to 20 emails

Single usernames and sub domain names available on each URL. Names and sub domains are on a first come first served basis.

First 50 to enroll
get a FREE

larger view

Sign Up Now!

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Internet Access Service
email for more info

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